Why Search Engine Optimization for your local Newcastle Business?

  • Search engine optimization gives your business credibility and generates more traffic.
  • Increases brand awareness by creating trust with customers.
  • 85% all web searches are from Google search engines, and 96% buying decision results from online research.
  • Cost effective long term organic rankings that generate potential leads
  • Measurable reports and analysis through detailed weekly report
  • Our SEO experts gives your business a competitive edge in your market to bring in potential clients.

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Online or offline, big or small, SEO services Newcastle (or, Search Engine Optimization) is a hugely important part of every business. Without an online presence, you’re non-existent these days. After all, everyone looks online—for locations, hours, deals, products, services, and everything else. If your site doesn’t show up in the results, how do you expect to be found?

While up to ten years ago your business could have gotten away with not being online, now it’s an essential part of running your business. Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and everyone relies upon it to look at local businesses, online businesses, and everything in between. But, you’re here, so apparently, you’re beginning to understand how important our Newcastle SEO Specialist is. The question you’re asking is, how do I go about using it to expand my business?


Everything Relates To SEO

The first thing you have to understand is that everything your brand does online has to do with SEO. Set up a new website? Its content, external links, internal links, backlinks, etc. all factor into how well it ranks, or it’s SEO. Likewise, every social media profile you set up for your business relates to your SEO, and as you add to the list of online presences, they will affect one another.

For example, having a super popular Facebook page for your business (that links to your website) will help your site have a better ranking. Similarly, if you have a trendy website that links out to your Facebook page, that’s going to increase your Facebook page’s ranking because you just created a “backlink” to it. Not to mention that link is taking your human visitors in between your social media pages and website, which is great for traffic and ranking overall.


Using It To Grow Your Business

Thousands of books have been written on the topic of SEO, and there are countless aspects to consider—many of which grow outdated by the day. If you’re looking to build your business through SEO tactics, however, certain basic principles will never become old. These include:


  • Having a website with fresh, relevant content and natural incorporation of keywords. If you’re a local Newcastle business, make sure to add in local keywords.
  • Having social media pages on all the favorite sites where you regularly share relevant content, including links to your own, and link back to your website in the bio area.
  • Interacting with comments and your social media followers to build authority and grow your presence.
  • Establishing your influence by getting backlinks to your website placed on high authority domains. It’s essential that these backlinks are natural and of high quality, and not spammed into the comment section.


These four things are the basis of your SEO Newcastle Expert strategy. Doing all four of these things will give you a starting point and it will already lead to you incorporating some of the most critical SEO aspects, which are: keywords (having relevant terms and phrases incorporated naturally into your content), internal links (like linking a post on your site to another post on your site), external links (like linking a post on your site to a video on another site [maybe your Facebook page]), and off-page signals (backlinks, which means having a high-quality website link to your website naturally).