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Converting More Traffic Online

You might have a great looking website, but if you don’t have some necessary SEO tactics in place, no one is ever going to see it but you. SEO remains a hugely neglected aspect of website owners around the world, but the internet has changed. Content is no more extended enough to get a website ranked. If you want traffic to come to your site steadily, you have to be consistently producing new, digital marketing specialist Sydney SEO-friendly content in a variety of formats.

If you’re at a loss currently about what to consider when handling your website’s SEO, here are some of the most important aspects that will determine where and when your site shows up in search results:


Keywords remain of the highest importance for your website’s SEO Digital experts. Without them, Google doesn’t even know where to begin. What is your site related to? What kind of content do you have? These questions need to be answered clearly and precisely on every page and in every post—but do it naturally. Keyword stuffing is a huge problem, and it’s almost worse than not including any keywords at all because it makes search engines knock your site back down because they see your content as useless and fishy. Keywords should be relevant and incorporated sparingly, in a natural format.


Next to keywords, you need to have real valuable content, and posting things and then never returning is not an option. Many aspects are taken into account when search engines look at your content, like: How old, is it? How long is it? Does it link to anything? Are those links on site (internal links) or off-site (external links)? A mixture of internal and external links is healthy for your website, but just like keywords, don’t overdo it. When it comes to length, the longer—the better. Try to keep your articles to a minimum of 500 words, but don’t write a book. The blog post should top out at around a maximum of 2,000 words. If you need more, link to a part 2 (and now you have an internal link!). Also, externally linking to related videos and websites will give you a small SEO specialist boost and it will help Google and other search engines relate your content to other content.

Finally, freshness is a key factor when it comes to content. Be posting regularly, preferably on a set schedule. You can find a topic at least once per week to write about.


Off-Page Signals

Just like people, your website will be judged based on who’s sharing it. When another site links to your site, that’s called a “backlink,” but there’s more to it than just getting your link placed somewhere. Spamming comments and unrelated websites is a big no-no that Google will see as unnatural. Likewise, adult websites and websites that have already been “blacklisted” can severely damage your SEO if they have a link to your website.

The best backlinks will come from high authority domain names related to your niche, and your site will be linked to in the form of a post’s external link—not a comment.